Trent Hiles

I worked with Gap Filler from July 2011 until mid-2015. I played an integral part in the realisation of the majority of the creative community-focussed projects over those four years.

Highlights, among the many, were:

Lyttelton Petanque Club

Cycle-powered Cinema


Playtime - Jaques Tati

Pallet Pavilion

Sound Garden

Retro Sports Facility



As time allows I continue to work with Rekindle. With a focus on Resilience through Resourcefulness I provide advice and muscle as needed. See here for resourceful skills workshops.

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The Fifth Ship

Albion Square, Lyttelton. Civic Project.

Wood, paint. 2013


Orton Bradley Park, Charteris Bay. Art in the Park.

Wood, steel, paint. 2011

Taonga Mahi

Sacred tools sculpted from ancient Tōtara. Sculpture on the Peninsula.

Wood, steel, paint. 2011

Upon the Upland Road

Harbour Light site, Lyttelton. National Poetry Day.

Wood, paint. 2011

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